Why Your Facility Needs Proactive Lighting Solutions

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If you’re looking for a way to mark the floors or walls of your facility, you might be wondering whether traditional line marking or projected marking is the best option for your business. While traditional line marking has been the go-to option for many years, projected marking is a newer, more innovative option that provides many benefits over the traditional method. In this article, we’ll explore why projected marking is a better option than traditional line marking.

Better Visibility

One of the most significant advantages of projected marking is that it offers better visibility than traditional line marking. This is because projected marking uses high-intensity light to project the marking onto the surface, making it easier to see even in low-light conditions. With traditional line marking, the marking can become less visible over time due to wear and tear, making it difficult for workers to see the markings.

More Durable & Movable

Projected markings are more durable than traditional line markings. They can withstand wear, damage, spills, and other environmental factors better, ensuring a longer lifespan with less frequent maintenance. In addition, they can be easily moved to another location without causing damage to the surface they were applied on. This makes them a cost-effective and efficient safety marking solution compared to traditional markings, which require removal and reinstallation, resulting in more downtime and higher maintenance costs.

Lower Cost

While projected marking might seem more expensive at first glance, it can actually be a more cost-effective option in the long run. Traditional line marking requires regular maintenance to ensure that the markings remain visible and effective. In contrast, projected marking is a low-maintenance option that can last for years without requiring touch-ups or repainting. This means that projected marking can be a more cost-effective option in the long run, as it can save your business money on maintenance costs over time.


Projected marking is also a more versatile option than traditional line marking. With projected marking, you can create custom markings that are unique to your business or industry. For example, you can project arrows, numbers, or symbols onto your floors or walls to indicate specific directions or safety information. Traditional line marking, on the other hand, is limited to straight lines and basic shapes, making it less versatile and adaptable to different business needs.

Safety lighting is a superior option over traditional line markings. It provides better visibility, durability, movability, and versatility, and it can be a more cost-effective option in the long run. If you’re looking for a modern and innovative way to mark your floors or walls, projected marking is the way to go. Talk to us at Bear Safety to know more how Proactive Lighting Solutions can benefit your business. Schedule a discovery call with our sales team at https://bearsafety.co.uk/pages/contact

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