About Us

Welcome to Bear Safety, your trusted partner in the workplace and construction proactive safety solutions. Our mission is simple: keeping your employees, customers, and facilities safe. Here's a glimpse into what we offer:

Proactive Safety Lighting

Move beyond traditional line markings with our superior safety lighting. Offering enhanced visibility, durability, and versatility, projected marking emerges as a modern, cost-effective solution for floor and wall marking needs.

Warning Bars

Elevate safety in restricted height areas by suspending our warning bars. Positioned strategically below door openings, mezzanine floor perimeters, or controlled zones, these bars ensure forklift mast heights are lowered for safe entry and exit.

Safety Barriers

Our specialized solutions prioritize pedestrian and operator safety in dynamic work environments. Additionally, our tailored protection for rack system uprights enhances warehouse safety, effectively safeguarding storage systems.

Forklift Laser Lines

Simplify forklift operations with precision using our Forklift Laser. Emitting a visible laser line, it aids operators in aligning fork tips with pallets. Easily mountable and adjustable, it ensures accurate placement, with the disappearing laser line confirming correct alignment.

Forklift Halos

Experience heightened workplace safety with our Forklift Halo LED lighting system. Casting a brightly colored line around vehicles, it defines a clear "exclusion zone" for workers, pedestrians, and drivers. Prioritizing safety in every environment.

At Bear Safety, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality safety solutions and services. We collaborate closely with our customers, understanding their unique needs and crafting customized solutions that truly make a difference. Your safety is our priority.

We are Bear Safety, a brand of GearbyBear Global which was established in 2017. We distribute projection marking which protects lives and enhances environments.